Full Moon Pelham Wodehouse

Full Moon - Pelham Wodehouse
Автор: Wodehouse Pelham Grenville
Издательство: Arrow Books, 2008 г.
  • Редактор-составитель: Понимаш Нефёд Эдуардович
  • Главный художник: Донсков Савватий Львович
  • Оформитель: Кулинский Наум Иосифович
  • Количество страниц: 557
  • Формат: txt, fb2, pdf

О книге "Full Moon"
'You don't analyse such sunlit perfection, you just bask in its warmth and splendour.' Stephen Fry
When the moon is full at Blandings, strange things happen: among them the painting of a portrait of The Empress, twice in succession winner in the Fat Pigs Class at the Shropshire Agricultural Show. What better choice of artist, in Lord Emsworth's opinion, than Landseer. The renowned painter of The Stag at Bay may have been dead for decades, but that doesn't prevent Galahad Threepwood from introducing him to the castle - or rather introducing Bill Lister, Gally's godson, so desperately in love with Prudence that he's determined to enter Blandings in yet another imposture. Add a gaggle of fearsome aunts, uncles and millionaires, mix in Freddie Threepwood, Beach the Butler and the gardener McAllister, and the moon is full indeed. Бесплатная электронная книга Full Moon Pelham Wodehouse.

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